A Distant View of Silver Essay

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A DISTANT VIEW OF SILVER Founded in 1851 as Eagle Station, a welcome stop for wagons and stagecoaches passing over the nearby Sierra Nevada, Carson City and Carson River, was renamed in 1858 by John C. Fremont for the famous frontiersman and scout Christopher “Kit” Carson. Formally named, The Consolidated Municipalities of Carson City, in Western Nevada, near the Nevada-California boundary, is Nevada’s territorial and State capital, the city and county of Carson City are coextensive. It is situated in Eagle Valley, near the Carson River, about 30 miles (48 km) south of Reno and east of Lake Tahoe in the westernmost part of the state. It has a semiarid climate, with an estimated average annual rainfall of 125 to 500 mm (5 to 20 in). The city’s total land area covers 146 square miles (371.8 km2), with an elevation of 4,687 feet above sea level. From 1984 to 2000, there was an estimated 64% increase in its population, the current survey reveals that the city’s population is around 56,146 (2010 estimate, State of Nevada Demographer). The city offers several scenic and historical attractions aside from the various hotels and gaming establishments. The Virginia & Truckee Railroad[->0] (V & T Railroad) was organized on March 5, 1868 to transport Comstock ore. The first 21 mile standard gauge line between Virginia City and Carson City was completed on January 29. The V & T Railroad is now one of Carson City’s tourist attraction, it offers historical trip aboard a steam/diesel fuelled locomotive, reminiscent of the main transportation mode during the late 1800’s – early 1900’s, from Carson City to Virginia City, following the old train routes. The V & T Railroad Company also offers trips on The Polar Express during the Christmas season. The current capitol building was constructed from 1870–71. The United States Mint[->1] operated a branch mint[->2] in Carson City
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