a Distant Dream Essay

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A Distant Dream In my childhood my grandmother used to tell me Fairytales about pixies and gnomes so this ignited a desire in me to reach the land of Fairies. So one day while reading a book I fell asleep, and in no time I found myself in the land of Fairies. There in Fairyland the streams were of different flavours, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch and many others. There I met a little creature. I asked its name and it replied that he was Mr. Gnome. He took me to his house which was a toadstool. On the way to his house he told me about this beautiful world. He talked about his family, the magical tree, and about the Wishing land, where your wish could be fulfilled. Then when we reached to his home, he showed me his family and afterwards his small village. The people there were small and were afraid of me as I too big for them. But after sometime they became my friends. Mr. Gnome took me to the land of Pixies. On the way to Pixie land he told me about Mr. Wishy – Washy Man, Mr. Moon Face, whose face was as round as the moon. Mr. Saucepan man who had saucepans, kettles and plates hanging allover his body. Then when we reached the Pixy Land I met a little pixie whose name was Happy. The pixies there did lots of hard work, cutting down herbs, and making them into medicines and did different types of other tasks too. They were quiet little fellows and always busy in their work. Then he took me to the land of Fairies. Where I saw many fairies busy in their work. Then one fairy came up to me and asked if I could become her friend as she was lonely and nobody wanted to play with her as she was only fairy who did not know how to fly. Mr. Gnome then took me to the magical tree which was so tall that more than twenty types of creatures had their homes built up on that tree. It was the tree where you had to climb up and then you would
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