A Disscussion of Btw's Up from Slavery Essay

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* BTW’s mother prayed fervently over her children for ‘Lincoln’s success’ I wonder what else she prayed for…? Hearing his mother’s prayers was his first time knowing he was a slave and that they might become free. p.14 * Despite the perpetuated stigma of the ignorance of slaves, how were slaves able to keep themselves politically informed… good question p.15 * Who were Garrison and Lovejoy? p.15 * BTW lusted after ginger cakes p.16 * Cornbread & pork diet.. how sad p.16 * Wooden shoes!? p.16 …flax shirt p.17 * When slaves were treated with decency mot did not feel any strong disfavor towards white people. Slaves felt genuine sorrow for the death of young master Mars Billy p17 * Many slaves loves their masters who treated them kindly, never betrayed trust out of integrity * For specific reasons BTW harbored no hard feelings p.19 * …wtf??? p.20 * Providence? * The punishment of the oppressor is intensed in his ability to carry out heinouse amoral acts of slavery * BTW confirms my suspicions that upon emancipation adrenaline/joy is high but when the responcibility and unanswered questions sets in its very somber. P.23 * After emancipation, name changes helped the slaves feel free. (Toby) p24 * Salt minig in west Virginia * Dept, pride, store hats for school, refusal to care what others think, strong industrious mother p.30 * More than once I have tried to picture myself in the position of a boy or man with an honoured and distinguished ancestry which I could trace back through a period of hundreds of years, and who had not only inherited a name, but fortune and a proud family homestead; and yet I have sometimes had the feeling that if I had inherited these, and had been a member of a more popular race, I should have been inclined to yield to the temptation of depending upon my ancestry and my color to

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