A Disater Waiting to Happen Essay

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A Disaster waiting to happen: Cosmetic surgery Cosmetic Surgery is the tool bequeathed upon by science, to help someone achieve a level of perfect beauty from thinner hips to getting a nose like Jennifer Lopez. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 14.8 cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed in the U.S. last year alone. Cosmetic surgery is a $10.1 billion business each year in the U.S.,( American society of plastic surgeons (2010)).Is this life changing procedure a beauty or a beast? Certainty, it is a beast for the simple fact it can cause many health risk, it can become an addiction, and we need to promote the idea that appearance is not as important as character. This is why plastic surgery should not be allowed to people who are trying to look like Barbie and only to the ones who actually need the procedure. Like any surgery there are going to be surgery involved, but why put yourself at risk just to get a thinner waist or bigger breast. It can lead to many health risk as in blood clots, brain damage, nerve damage, and can even lead to death. Many people say that we should not restrict freedom of choice but you should not be allowed to put yourself at risk if it is not necessary. Research has shown a facelift can lead to a hematoma, or blood clot under the skin, which in 2% to 3% of patients can be dangerous if left untreated. For example, A 36 year old women was a mother of three and went in the get a tummy tuck and came out of the procedure dead. Now, her three beautiful children are left without their mother only because you wanted a “prettier stomach”. Next, a fact that many people do not want to believe is that plastic surgery can become an addiction. Unlike a drug addict being hooked on the chemicals, plastic surgery addiction is a mental problem. An example of a mental disorder that is caused from this surgery is BDD,

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