A Dirt Track Race Experience

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A Dirt Track Race Experience When you arrive at the race track the first thing you see is the clay track. The race track is oval shaped and has four turns. The aroma of fried food and popcorn often are some of the first things you will smell. Normally, your seat will be a cold metal bleacher that is shared with other racing fans. When the race cars come out on the track there are many different types and designs to look at. When the cars start up and the races begin there is a smell of burning gasoline, burning alcohol, and a feeling of the bleachers vibrating under you. When the races start, chunks of clay hit your face as the cars race by. There is a strong smell of burning rubber from the tires. At some races there is a smell of burning oil, and smoke when a car blows up. There are many different flags used in the races such as green, yellow, white, red, and checkered. These flags all mean different things to the race car drivers like green means go and red means stop. It is a way to signal to drivers that there may be a dangerous situation on the race track. Depending on the race you go to you will see different types of cars and see different types of races. You may hear cars with really loud motors and loud exhausts. Some races will have a few fender benders, flat tires, but some have major wrecks. At the end of the race, there may be some upset drivers and some really happy drivers depending on the results. This will conclude a night at the race

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