A Dill Pickle Essay

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A Dill Pickle a short story written by Katherine Mansfield’s portrays a woman named Vera and her meeting with her ex-beau after 6 years. Vera met her ex-lover unexpectedly at a restaurant probably could be a cafe occupied with Japanese vase of paper daffodils. Probably their meeting took place during the winter season as we could read Vera saying that she couldn’t bear the weather. During their meeting, both of them had a glimpse on their past life. At that time, the couples spent their first afternoon at Kew Gardens where Vera identified the flowers that the man doesn’t know. The story also reveals us that the man had travelled to Russia as he spent some days on a riverboat on the Volga. Apart from that, Vera is being portrayed as a beautiful young woman as the man was marveled when she made her entry to the restaurant. She was described as a person looking so well than before and has a beautiful voice. She could be brought up from a rich family as she says that “Smoking isn’t a habit with me; it’s a luxury. Perhaps, she is no more leaving a wealthy life now. I could imply this when she says that she sold off her piano, probably could made some money and as she said she had no time playing it, she might be earning for her income. She is also illustrated as an innocent and a virgin as there is a little girl in white probably could represent Vera. She is personalized as an untrustworthy because she ended her relation with him via a letter. She is easily angered as she got infuriated at times hearing his insults. On the other hand, the unnamed man, charactered as a poor man before the period of 6 years as we could see through his immaturity and the low class behavior in public. He also describes himself when he was a tot, the experience of him leaving under a cart in a yard. His financial state changed in 6 years as we could picture him travelling to many places

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