A Detailed Critical Analysis Of La United Fruit Co. By Pablo Neruda

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A Detailed Critical Analysis of La United Fruit Co. by Pablo Neruda Neruda seems to be familiar with the avant-garde and some have even pointed to Surrealism of T.S. Eliot and of other poets in his work. Nonetheless, whatever else might have played a hand, Neruda offered a strong opinion and commented and contrasted in inimitable ways. He refused to be pigeonholed intellectually but just allowed himself to put pen to paper naturally. Insomuch, La United Fruit Co. is Neruda through the power of the pen, taking on a large multinational cooperation, taking them to task on the treatment of their host countries. La United Fruit Co. is a descriptive narrative of the impact of a multinational cooperation on Central America. It goes into depth on how the United Fruit Company had been blessed with something but has used it to curse the people. It can be seen as providing social commentary on an ongoing situation at that time. However, the poem may also have proved to serve as a warning to Neruda’s Chilean government. It must have told them to be weary of the promise of hope from multinational cooperations. Even in the wider scope, it must have also warned his South American peers of what has happen to Central America. As aforementioned Neruda never saw himself being loyal to a specific school of poetry, his work spanned many schools and periods of poetry. La United Fruit Co. was published in the book Canto General which Neruda completed while exile. Persuaded by political occurrences such as his leftist affiliations, he attempts to break out of the elitism of Spanish poetry and create a contemporary political commentary. For this reason, it is seen as a post modernistic work. The avant-garde style coupled with the critique of universalism of business and trade may cause one to see Neruda moving out of the modernism and advancing his borders. Attributed to Neruda

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