A Demonic Spirit Essay

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Brittnie McGee 11/29/11 US History 142 “A Demonic Spirit” Have you ever wondered how a person could have such a demonic spirit? Why would someone have the desire to kill millions of innocent people? Did he ever have any remorse for any of his actions? How could he command his followers and be responsible for several terrorist attacks against the US when we were the country who originally had his back? Was he ever going to get tired of planning to cause destruction in major cities in the United States? All of these questions led to why I decided to research more about Osama Bin Laden. The angle I chose to follow throughout my paper was to agree with the US killing of Osama Bin Laden. My goal for writing this paper is to explain all the reasons as to why he deserved to be killed by the US. However, I am going to first start off by writing about his background history, US history, and finally touch on a little about his death. Osama Bin Laden came into this world in 1957 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden had over fifty siblings and was born to one of the wealthiest families. Many may not know that Bin Laden’s family had connections with George Bush’s family. It is said that Bin Laden’s brother worked for George Bush’s oil company. Money connections between Bush Republicans and Osama bin Laden go way back and the political and economic connections have remained unbroken for 20 years. “And what appears to be a "new" alliance with Pakistan is merely a new manifestation of a decades-long partnership in the heroin trade” . Bin Laden’s father made it possible for them to become rich because he built his own construction company in which he built different palaces for the kings of Saudi Arabia at low cost bids. I personally just do not understand why he was so demonic spirited and seemed very angry inside if he grew up with a silver spoon in his hand and didn’t have to

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