a Day Which Wasnot Lucky For Me Essay

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"prateek, you better get up right now or you will be late for school," my mother shouted from the kitchen. Lazily, I pulled the pillow off my face and looked at the clock. I got such a shock to see that the time was already 7.00a.m. I was indeed late. The bus will be here in 15 minutes time. I was definitely going to be late for school. I ran out of my room, grabbed my towel, and dashed into the bathroom. I had no time to bathe, so I just brushed my teeth and washed my face. I got into my uniform. Then I combed my hair. I ran down to have my breakfast. It was ten past seven. Only five minutes to go. So, I took a few sips of milk. Then, I took my school bag from the chair. In a rush, I clumsily knocked down the glass of milk. Shatters of broken glass and milk were all over the carpet. My mum ran from the kitchen to see what had happened. She was so furious with me that she started lecturing me on my clumsiness. I had no time to clean up the mess, so I apologized and immediately went to front door to put on my shoes. Suddenly, I remembered that I left my lunch pack in the kitchen. Running back to kitchen, I almost cried when I heard the bus hooting outside. As fast as I could, I rushed to the door, but only to see that the bus had left. Well, at least I had a bicycle. I took it out from the shed and rode off to school on it. On the way, I suddenly felt that the road was bumpier then usual. I stopped and checked my tyres. What else could be worse? I had a flat tyre. Having no other options, I had to walk. I reached school around 7.45a.m. By that time, everyone was in class. After putting my bike under the bicycle shed, I went to my class. I knocked on the door. I explained the whole situation to my teacher. Lucky for me, she understood my problem. She then asked me to pass up the homework she gave yesterday. Taking out the book from my bag, I

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