a Day In The Life Of a Roman Citizen Essay

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It’s an average Friday morning, for any roman but for young Decimus it was a day that he had been waiting for a long time. That day his father was going to take him to see his first gladiator fight. Decimus was the youngest son to the family of Marcus Cornelli, a wealthy man, magistrate to the roman republic. Although Decimus really wanted to go to the Colosseum to see the gladiator fight, he first needed to get ready for school, and that started with breakfast. As breakfast Decimus and his family had just light meal at best, often nothing more than a piece of bread. But they always enjoyed their breakfast in the garden especially today since it was such a nice morning. Even though Decimus didn’t really liked to go to school, because boys were beaten for the slightest offence as a belief existed that a boy would learn correctly and accurately if he feared being caned if he got something wrong, but his passion for learning made him give his best at school. At school Decimus learned to read and write and to do basic mathematics. He worked on an abacus to learn basic mathematics. For writing, he used a stylus and a wax tablet. After school, around midday Decimus would go back home and relax. At that time he would have his main meal of dinner. After that he went to his room and studied, although he couldn’t really concentrate since all that was on his mind was going to the gladiator fight. He had told his friends at school about it and many of them already had gone to see a fight and the told him how violent and exciting they were which made him even more excited. At evening after studying or at least trying to he had a small supper. After his supper his father finally told him it was time so he took him and his brothers to the colesseum. When they go there it was packed, but his father as an important man was able to cut through the crowed and go right

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