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Fleet Reserve Association SAINT ANDREWS BAY BRANCH 346 2117 WILKINSON AVE PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL 32407 (904)234-5521 18 February 2013 From: President, Fleet Reserve Association, Saint Andrews Bay Branch 346 To: Members Fleet Reserve Association, Saint Andrews Bay Branch 346 Ahoy Shipmates! I am Paul Cabell, newly appointed President of FRA Saint Andrews Branch 346. Thank you all for appointing me to this position. With this new position I plan to proudly represent the FRA and all that it stands for. I am writing this letter to invite all Elected Officers, Appointed Officers, Board of Directors, heads of committees, and potential heads of committees to participate in an informal meeting on 22 Feb 2013 at 1800hrs. The purpose of this meeting is to “Get It Together”. The main topic of discussion is the fact that we have reached the end of the 90-day probationary period issued by the Southeast Regional President, which expires on 6 Mar 2013. To date, we have made no formal efforts to keep our charter in place. If you wish to help keep our charter in place and keep FRA Saint Andrews Bay 346 active, please attend this meeting. The next regular Branch meeting will be 6 March 2013 at 1800hrs. This meeting will be for Branch members only. All finalized reports from the Audit Committee, Treasurer, Turkey Shoot, Cooperate, and all other committees are due at this Branch meeting. The General Assembly meeting will immediately follow the Branch meeting and will take place at 1830hrs. This meeting is open to all members, Ladies Auxiliary, and Associate Members. We will be appointing additional members to the Board of Directors and various committees. Looking forward to working together to build a stronger FLEET!! Yours in Loyalty, Protection, and Service Paul Cabell President
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