A Day at the Soccer Field as a Parent

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A Day at a Soccer Game for a Parent When getting out of the car, there are numerous amount of cars parked and even some still trying to find a place to park. The fields could be either ten seconds to walk to or five minutes to walk depending where the car is parked. Once on the grass, it’s disorganized. A different team in different uniforms; soccer balls everywhere and nowhere is safe to walk without the hazard of getting hit with a soccer ball. Parents are repentant dropping their child off and mysteriously wonder what field they are playing at. Asking for help does not facilitate. Field coordinators have to make sure everything is in good physical condition rather than help parents find the exact field they want. People working the concession stand are rushing to get food out and worried not to run out of hot dogs and hamburgers. The yelling and the cheering do not lend a hand when a person tries to retain information about what the schedule says. Finally the problem is resolved when the child’s teammate walks and directs the clueless parents to the appropriate field. However, another game is going on. Setting up the chairs, all the parent can hear is cheering from the right and yelling from the left. Caught in the middle, they really wish they were still lost looking for the field. Out of nowhere, the soccer ball comes and hits the chair that was just set up. There was never a warning that soccer can be such a dangerous sport for the parents watching their child. Then another ball from the field behind where the chair was gets hit with yet another ball. Parents probably have it more dangerous than the players do. The game is finally starting and the parents see their kids come on the field. Some parents embarrass their kids till they are red like a tomato. Some parents annoy their kids where the kids literally tell them to shut up or even to leave.

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