A day at the lake

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It had to be the hottest, most sticky humid day of the summer. My best friend Brian from middle school and I were at his lake house. I woke up that day with sweat dripping from my chin the second I sat up to look outside the window from the loft. The humidity and moisture in the air was so thick that you could not even catch a glimpse of the other side, which was of course rare. The lake was only about three miles in circumference, which is not big for a lake. That was the only negative part of our day though. I had a feeling it was going to be one of the best days of the summer. The very second we came down from the loft, Brian’s father stomped through the front door with a drenched wife beater and Dunking Donuts munchkins in both hands. Soon as we saw him walk in with two boxes, our faces lit up like it was Christmas. I never have eaten as many chocolate glazed donuts as I did that morning. It was a perfect way to detour our mind away from the hot stickiness in the air. The second we finished we quickly ran up stairs to get our bathing suits on. Ironically enough, the second time we came downstairs, the door slammed open again and there this time stood a bunch of our friends from school. Brian’s parents were friends with a lot of parents in town that had kids within the same age group as us. Everyone piled into the house hugging and laughing, but then soon realized it was way to hot to be hugging and laughing inside the house which clearly consisted of no air conditioner. I screamed out “Wiffle ball”, and next thing you know the house was empty and the crickets were churping. We scrambled outside to sort out teams of three to have a wiffle ball tournament. The team I was on was up against Brian’s team. I was up at bat first. Swing and I miss and I gave up because it was that hot! One swing and I was sweating more then I had ever sweat in my
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