A Daughter's Hope Essay

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Charley Gribble Mrs. Bravo English 1301.041 October 29, 2009 “A Daughter’s Hope” “This is just a story, and this one has a happy ending.” William Hayes gazed at his daughter with some hope. “How does it have a happy ending?” Maya exclaimed. “You and my mom, who ever she is, you’re getting divorced. What’s the happy in that?” The curiosity and concern Maya Hayes has in the movie Definitely Maybe reflect my emotions in many ways. I knew as soon as I saw my dad in the airport terminal kneeling on the floor waiting for me that my mom gave up something special. Seeing my daddy’s face light up the way it does when you know he missed you. The hugs he gives and his distinctive scent brings back the memories and flashbacks of my childhood. This was my first time seeing my dad since there divorce. I had so many questions to ask him, since I knew my mother would never answer my questions because I was “too young to understand”, but maybe if she would give me a chance I could some what grasp the concept. So many kids these days have so many questions and concerns, how are we supposed to understand how this divorce thing works? It’s hard enough for us to absorb the fact that for some strange reason your parents don’t love each other anymore, and they were never meant to be. Isn’t love supposed to last forever? My dad picked up my bags and gave me one of his momentous hugs again and we started talking. “So how is everything going kiddo?” He looked down at me, and I could smell his bubble gum breath, he gave off a troubled look. I could sense there was some thing missing in his life now. All I could muster up was, “Mommy’s good, if that’s the answer you were looking for.” He just stood there waiting for the

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