A Dancing Uncle Essay

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Something out of the ordinary hit the small, quiet town of Ploemeur, this summer. It was unusual and bizarre! I was having a sensational time in Brittany; I was over the moon with joy when I first caught sight of my cousins (Cecilia, Caroline, Diane, Daphnée) especially Cecilia and Caroline because I hadn’t seen them in 4 years. As time went by, the day that I will remember forever arrived. The time when my uncle made an absolute fool of himself. Let me reveal what happened that day. It started off pretty normally, my cousin Diane and I were in my aunt and uncle’s stunning car on our way to our grandparent’s house. We were having a blast, listening to music and chattering away. After 20 minutes of driving, we finally showed up in the town of Ploemeur, at that precise moment one of my uncle’s favourite songs came on the radio. He got so excited that he turned the sound on to maximum volume, it was ear piercing, even the people on the road could hear it! But that’s not it; my uncle had a crazy thought. If the people passing by could hear the music and he dances, everyone would start joining in. While driving, he danced joined by my aunt. He’d gone mad! Arms were going everywhere, screaming and shouting. This had turned into chaos. He tried desperately to get people leaping about. But no such luck, no one even moved to the music and only half the people even bothered to look at what was going on. By the time we got to my grandparent’s house he was still trying but failing. Diane and I were falling about laughing it was so hilarious. It’s funny to see an adult acting like a child. In the end all my uncle managed to get is to make an utter fool of

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