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A Cutting Tradition Originally published on January 20, 2008 in the New York Times by Sara Corbett, A Cutting Tradition describes how young females are brought into an empties-out classroom where desks are put together and covered with sheets and pillows are placed on top to serve as a makeshift bed. The girl is placed on there and small pieces of her genitals are cut off. The reasons that this is done is to stabilize her libido as well as to make her more appealing to her husband. Another reason is to balance her psychology out. There is a photo slide show done that shows some of the little girls faces filled with pain during the procedure. There are 15 African countries that have outlawed female cutting and both France and the US have prosecuted immigrant residents from performing the female circumcision. The most common form of female cutting is with the removal of the clitoris and the labia minora. The more severe form and less common form is removal of all of the external genitalia and stitching up of the vaginal opening. There was an officer from the WHO (World Health Organization) who stated, "The fact is there is no medical value in circumcising girls" and "It is 100 percent the wrong thing to be doing". She had also stated that with the circumcision of boys there are health benefits, including reducing the risk of infection and some protection against H.I.V. In my opinion, I feel that the procedure is torture and should be a chargeable offense by law. There is no medical benefit for a female circumcision to be done and that no child or female of any age should have to go through this. The genitals that we are born with are what God intended us to have and there is no reason why another person, mother or father, should have any right to allow another person to cut any part of the

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