A Critique

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Did the world is created as a necessity? Is it possible that you show your love through the conclusive evidence or positive proof? In this movie, it reveals the meaning of mathematical intelligence and its limitation from the hero John Nash, a real person. The movie made me consider the world where I live. This world isn’t under the control of inevitability but of contingency. It can’t be analyzed and disassembled by means of scientific way or mathematical intelligence. Because the universe is infinite like this, man’s knowledge is always partial and conditional. It’s destiny. Accordingly, it’s only human’s misunderstanding to insist that science can find out a principle of the world. Nevertheless, a human being always tries to seek for inevitable regularity through repetitiveness and similarity. Madness has usually been thought to follow a genius like that a lot of historical case. The hero_ John Nash, a genius in mathematics, has also schizophrenia in the movie “Beautiful Mind”. _Then did his schizophrenia come about by chance? It’s able to analogize the reason why he undergoes the disease from some of the base. First of all, the world where he gets a view is incompletion. No, it might be more limited and narrow. His world is just analyzable into the number. He doesn’t believe in luck. He has always believed in numbers, in the equations and logics that lead to reason. Everything that can’t be analyzed mathematically is no sense to him. There is separation between his mathematical intelligence and real world in this point. In addition, his lifestyles are logic, test and demonstration. Only the analytic thinking is well worth and meaningful to him. Also, he can reach the truth by investigating analytically. Maybe the greatest problem here is that it’s not at all possible for us to obtain

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