A Critical Study of Francis Fukuyama's Idea of Liberal Democracy

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A CRITICAL STUDY OF FRANCIS FUKUYAMA’S IDEA OF LIBERAL DEMOCRACY BY OKOROMI PAUL OSAREME MATRIC NO: SS/PP/1987 AN ESSAY SUBMITTED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY, SAINTS PETER AND PAUL MAJOR SEMINARY BODIJA, IBADAN IN AFFILIATION WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN, IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE AWARD OF THE BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREE IN PHILOSOPHY JUNE, 2012. DEDICATION This essay is dedicated to the most Holy Trinity and our Lady of Perpetual help AND To My Beloved parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dickson John Okoromi, who have been source of my inspiration in life AND To the loving memory of my beloved brothers and sister Sunday Dominic Okoromi, Charity Okoromi, and Kelvin Joseph Idemudia who lost their lives in the 2002 Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria Bomb blast, and also to all the innocent victims who have died in different Bomb blasts in Nigeria. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Gratitude according to Cicero“is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all other virtues” while Thomas Fuller holds “ingratitude is the worst of all vices”. It is from this background that I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to God, for taking care of me always and having notwithdrawn his confirming albeit often-silent presence from my life. And also to the Blessed Virgin Mary our lady of perpetual help for her motherly care all through this period My most profound gratitude also goes to my family members, especially my parents, Mr.Dickson John and Mrs. Agatha Okoromi,in whom my life originated. From whom I learned how to live, believe, and persevere; with whom I can share my deepest desires and thoughts; and to whom this whole thesis is dedicated. And my sisters; Esther, Erica and Blessing (my little baby), whom I love dearly, whose persevering character and love of learning I am so proud

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