A Critical Examination of Information and Communication Technology Policies Essay

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The pervasiveness and importance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) throughout the economy and society can’t be ignored. The former United Nations Secretary- general Kofi Annan, stated that, "If harnessed properly, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have the potential to improve all aspects of our social, economic and cultural life ICT can serve as an engine for development in the twenty - first century" (Annan, 2003). The question that readily comes to mind, how can the ICTs policy challenges be addressed at both national and international levels, and in all sectors? It is worthy to note that, there are other key areas of national development that collectively with IT development policies forms the complete web of national ICT growth oriented strategy. Adomi (2006), asserted that for the past two decades, most developed countries have witnessed significant changes that can be traced to information and communication technologies (ICTs). These multidimensional changes (technical, financial and economic, cultural, social and geo-political) have been observed in almost all aspect of life: economic, education, communications, leisure, and travel. Furthermore, the changes observed in these countries have led to what is now referred to as the knowledge society. ICTs have made it possible to find fast access to, and distribution of information as well as new ways of doing business in real time at a cheaper cost. However, a considerable gap exists between developing countries, notably African countries, and developed ones in terms of the contribution of ICTs to the creation of wealth. The gap tends to widen between developed countries, the technology suppliers, and the receiving developing countries. At the same time, the gap between the elites and the grassroots communities within these developing countries is also expanding in terms of

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