A Critical Essay On Information Technology

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Opinion Editorial – Draft V6.0 A Critical Essay on the Deployment of an ED Clinical Information System ‐ Systemic Failure or Bad Luck? Professor Jon Patrick Health Information Technology Research Laboratory School of Information Technologies University of Sydney, Australia http://www.it.usyd.edu.au/~hitru This essay is about the effectiveness and impact of Cerner FirstNet in NSW hospitals. The need for a systemic study became clear during work that was being undertaken at a number of NSW hospitals when clinicians and administrators constantly expressed their dissatisfaction even hostility to FirstNet, to the point of often refusing to use it. As such, this essay aims at unravelling issues that are obscure and not normally associated so that a clearer picture of relationships and their interactions can be evaluated. As an observational study, this essay is a synthesis of the various sources of evidence such as systematic studies, Delphi evidence, personal observations, and reports of other parties. It includes a collection of news reports from overseas, especially the UK and USA on the use of Cerner software in their hospitals, providing a comparison with the Australian experience. The essay presents the opinions of a broad spectrum of clinicians, nurses and administrators most experienced in using clinical information systems, across 4 of the 7 Area Health Services in NSW and in a mixture of clinical and administrative roles. NSW Health was offered the opportunity to provide comments to an earlier version of this essay but declined the offer. The essay assesses the rollout of the Firstnet system and the difficulties that have now become evident in its failure to satisfy Emergency Department (ED) clinicians, along with an analysis of systemic issues in provisioning clinical information systems. The key finding of this essay is that there appears to have been

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