A Critical Appraisal of the Role of the Un Security Council Essay

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UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS SCHOOL OF POSTGRADUATE STUDIES LAWS OF INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTION 2011/2012 TOPIC: A CRITICAL EVALUATION OF THE ROLE OF THE SECURITY COUNCIL OF THE UNITED NATIONS PRESENTED BY: OYESHINA AZEEZ OYEDUNLE (MATRIC NO. 119061184) TOCHUKWU C. KELLY MOGBO (MATRIC NO. 109061121) SUPERVISING LECTURERS: DR. DAYO AYOADE & DR. YEMI OKE FEBRUARY, 2012 ABSTRACT World peace situation is being threatened by the debilitating effects of issues ranging from nuclear power development, acts of terrorism, external aggression to civil unrest et al. These issues have all become a common feature of the world we live in as it is now commonplace for leaders of nations to take up arms against their citizens as epitomized by the Arab Spring which started in Tunisia in January, 2011 and swept through the Arab world and some part of the Middle East. In the key realm of peace and security, the Security Council performs several pivotal functions. It assists in the peaceful settlements of disputes, it establishes and oversees UN Peace-Keeping missions and it takes enforcement against recalcitrant states. This paper takes a look at the historical background of the Security Council, salient issues and processes that led to its establishment, its composition and membership. It also takes a look at the Council’s Rules of Procedure, successes it has recorded and tries to proffer certain reforms which could help the Security Council maintain its relevance in the present world order and as the premier organ of the UN. INTRODUCTION With the start of the Second World War, it became evident that the League of Nations had failed and had to be replaced by a more efficient organization. With the end of the war came the birth of a new world order which culminated in the formation of the United Nations[1] which replaced its

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