A Criminal Case That Relied on the Precedent That Was Set by Terry V. Ohio Essay

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A criminal case in Massachusetts that relied on the precedent that was set by Terry v. Ohio was Harkess v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In this case, Officer Bailey and his partner Bernard Green, was on patrol in an unmarked car patrolling the Mission Hill housing development, which is an high-crime area that deals with guns and drugs, On October 11, of 1991 around 3:00 a.m. in the morning, when both officer observed two men behaving suspiciously in front of an apartment building in the doorway of no.55 at Cornelia Court in Massachusetts. Officer Bailey saw the two men from a distance of nearly fifty to sixty feet, and he recognized on of the men as being the present defendant that they were looking for, but on eye contact with the two men, the two men took off running and the officers gave pursuit chasing the two men through the building and into another court yard, but upon capture of the two men the officers seized a fire arm and some cocaine that one of the two men try to toss away. The defendant try to use his Fourth Amendment rights against the officers to get out of both the cocaine and the unlawful fire arms charge, but due to the Terry v. Ohio ruling, this action was not possible and the reasonable suspicion was confirmed by the court and the judge, and the charges was upheld against both of the suspects in the state of Massachusetts. Angela Houston www.masscases.com www.casebriefs.com Joe Samaha Criminal procedure and the constitution (Eighth Edition) Cengage Learning (2012) Belmont

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