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A Covenant In Biblical And Legal Terms Essay

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  • on August 6, 2011
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Grand Canyon University
September 12, 2010

      The purpose of this essay is to describe the different covenants mentioned in the Bible. The paper will discuss the classification of these covenants, and then compare/contrast them with legal covenants.

      The main difference between the Biblical covenants and a legal covenants is, a Biblical covenant is an agreement between God and people, whereas a legal covenant is a covenant/agreement/contract made between people. The Bible gives examples of both covenants between people, and between God and man. I will first deal with the covenants between God and man
In Biblical terms there are two classifications of covenants:
  1. Conditional covenants are ones in which God promises to do His part as long as man honors and fulfills certain requirements set forth by Him.
  2. Unconditional covenants are ones in which the promises of God are guaranteed, regardless of what man does or doesn’t do.
The Bible tells us there are eight different covenants; the first one is called the Edenic covenant. It was a conditional covenant given by God who promises to bless them, and provide everything that Adam and Eve needed in order to exist in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 1:26-31, Gen.2:16-17)(NIV). There was, however, a condition, they had to obey God’s commands to them, otherwise curses would be dealt upon them, and their ancestors.
We know through accounts from the Bible that both Adam and Eve disobeyed God, which brought about the second covenant that is known as the Adamic covenant. The Adamic covenant was unconditional in which “God declared to man, after the fall, what his life will be because of his mankind, what their life will be like as a result of his sin” (The Biblicist, 2010).
The third is the Noahic covenant. It is an unconditional covenant made after the great flood to Noah and...

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