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Megan Atkinson “A Country Doctor” tells the tale of a district doctor who must hurriedly travel through a raging storm in order to answer the call of an ill patient. Along his way the doctor encounters several complications; one being the death of his only horse which renders him incapable of travelling. After the servant, Roses, failed attempt at locating a horse, the problem is solved by a groom who unexplainably appears within his house, bearing two strong and healthy horses. The groom attacks Rose but before the doctor can interject the horses take off, running hurriedly and thus leaving Rose alone with the groom. The doctor arrives remarkably quick considering the weather conditions and is immediately bombarded by the family. Upon first glance of his patient, he discerns that the boy is relatively healthy. After noticing a blood soaked towel in the hands of the patient’s sister he realized that the boy might be ill after all. As he examines the patient he discovers an open wound with worms wriggling in the interior. From there the story takes a turn for the worst as the doctor is stripped of his clothes and locked in the room with the sick child. The doctor escapes as he tries to arrive home speedily in order to save Rose from the maniacal groom. This short story undoubtedly supports the philosophical theory of existentialism. Humans are entirely responsible for their own actions and such is shown as the doctor weaves his path around his feelings of inadequacy. It begins with his failed attempt at saving his maid, Rose. This leads to his inability to save the patient. Lastly, the doctor was not able to save himself as he succumbs to his own self-loathing and sadness. Early in the story, Rose is, without notice attacked by the groom. He grabbed her face and after biting her, left blazing red marks of two rows of teeth. The doctor begins to

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