A Conservative Case for Prison Reform

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Tamra Tamra Callahan Geneva Chao English 101 January 31, 2014! ! ‘A Conservative Case for Prison Reform’ b Richard A. Viguerie poses the argument that the correctional system is doing more harm than good and that the conservative approach to prison reform is the best approach based on the three principles of--public safety, compassion and controlled government spending. ! The purpose of the argument is to persuade the audience to also arrive at the conclusion the the conservative approach to prison reform is, in fact, best. It is a well written argument and points to some very poignant facts about the current correctional system and the results that it is currently producing. I think even a liberal thinker could see the basis of the argument as valid and potentially agree to the proponent. ! The writer first states facts about correctional control in the United States. Then, the proponent states facts about the cost of the correctional system, followed by a warrant related to that information regarding why conservatives should be leading the way in relationship to the spending, which is also subjective information. ! Provocational argumentation is used in the seventh paragraph discussing reform. The writer also demonstrates positional argumentation throughout the article, always pointing to the ‘conservative’ point of view. Much of what the author assumes will fix the correctional system is speculational argumentation. It cannot become fact until it has actually been tried and there is a factual outcome to report of. ! When the writer uses the example of Texas refusing to build eight more prisons Tamra and the crime rate decline as a result, he used factual information to imply that if it worked in one place, it may work in all correctional systems. He also uses this technique with the changes other states have made and had a positive outcome. !

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