A Complete Summary of the Novel "Until We Have Faces" by Cs Lewis

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Until We Have Faces The theme of this evening was inspired by the novel “Until We Have Faces” written by CS Lewis. It is the retelling of the Greek myth, Psyche and Cupid. The timeless tale of two mortal princesses one beautiful and one ugly; Lewis reworks the classic myth into an enduring piece of contemporary fiction. The story itself is powerful, as he portrays in a single tale a lifetime of revelation. In the same way that Jesus used the parable to symbolize principles of the Kingdom, Lewis has crafted a story which resonates the Gospel, Christ, and the redemption of all mankind. Lewis’ heroine is Orual, the ugly older sister, who represents all of mankind and the crucial journey to divine restoration. Orual learns there is a struggle between human and divine love, and that there is no understanding of God without the complete sincerity of the soul. We have prepared for you a summary of this story to be told in parts throughout the night. Our story begins in the barbaric country of Glome in a pre-Christian civilization. Orual is a queen whose life is coming to an end. She has nothing to lose and is emboldened to complain against the Gods. Specifically, she writes about the God of the Grey Mountain and all He has done against her from the very beginning, asking us to judge between her and God. This complaint written by her hand was found in the Greeklands: I hear that in the Greek lands they write great dramas about the struggle between man and the Gods. In this story, I Orual, Queen of Glome will do the same and make my fury against the God of the Grey Mountain known to all. I am old and have lived life to the place where I no longer fear the Gods. Let them kill me if they will. And all will see that the Gods give no answer... I was a child when my mother the queen died. I was child still when, I gained a sister. My beautiful baby sister, her name was

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