A Comparison of Television Broadcasting Between the United States and France Essay

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A Comparison of Television Broadcasting Between The United States and France Globalization is at the heart of the study of international communications. The trading and exchange of information between two countries brings along with it different aspects of each country’s culture. Although this result is unavoidable, some countries have made efforts to limit globalization in order to preserve their native culture. These countries have done so because they feel certain aspects of another country’s culture has a debilitating effect on their own culture. Globalization includes many aspects of relations between countries, but people most often hear about the number of McDonalds in Europe or the working conditions of factories in China. When one hears about The United States of America’s influence on other nations, the discussion is either positive or negative depending on the source. While America’s influence is continuing to spread, a country seen as a historical ally of America is resisting this influence: France. France has taken measures to maintain its cultural identity by trying to prevent many aspects of American culture from keeping a foothold on its soil, but what about American media such as television? France is located in Western Europe, and it is the largest country in that region. The United States resides just across the Atlantic Ocean in North America. Although the United States has a much larger land area, it does share some geographical features with France. Frances’ entire western border is coastline with the Bay of Biscay to the south and The English Channel to the north. This is similar to the United States’ mainland which has the Pacific Ocean along its entire western border. Frances’ southeastern border is shared by the Mediterranean Sea, and the United States shares its eastern border with the Atlantic Ocean. To the south France shares a

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