A Comparison of Marijuana and Chronic Tobacco Use

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Running head: A comparison of marijuana and chronic tobacco use A comparison of the harmful health effects of chronic marijuana and chronic smoked tobacco use Name Course Date 1. Problem Statement There is a common myth that marijuana smoking is less harmful than cigarette smoking. However, many studies suggest that both these forms of smoking have similar detrimental effects on heath; while there are also contrary views that posit different degrees and types of health damage to each type of smoking. Many of these studies are based on variables that do not take into account chronic smoking of both tobacco and marijuana. One of the reasons for the disparity in findings is that cigarette smoking has received more research attention and has been publicly analyzed and debated more extensively than marijuana. A central problem area in a comparative discussion of marijuana and tobacco smoking is that there are a wide range of variables that have to be taken into consideration. This includes the particular chemical composition of each substance and the variable comparison in terms of the health damage that each substance can create. Another problematic area of concern refers to the recent research which indicates that marijuana can in fact be medically beneficial. The following discussion of the research on this issue will attempt to provide some insight into these issues. 2. Background to the problem The literature on his topic emphasizes the fact that research into the effects of marijuana since the 1980s and 1990s has increased our understanding of the way that this drug affects human health. An important study that initiated some of the more contemporary insights into the effects of marijuana smoking was the 1982 IOM (Institute of Medicine's) report, Marijuana and Health. However, there has been a
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