A Comparison Of Love, Hate, Revenge and Murder in Porphyria’s Lover And The Sisters.

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‘Porphyria’s Lover’ starts by saying that the weather was horrible (Wet and Rainy) the wind is used to set the scene as Browning uses pathetic fallacy. When she enters the house, she doesn’t just walk in, she glides in, this could only be in the narrators eyes though as he is very pleased that she is his wife. She lights the fire and suddenly the whole room is glowing with the warmth of the fire. This could also suggest that she literally lights up the narrator’s world when he sees her. After she is done lighting the fire, she takes off her cloak and “laid down her soiled gloves”. This could either mean that she has been gardening or that she has been with another man. She calls to him but he doesn’t reply, the narrator could be testing her here or he could just be mute. When she hears no reply, she puts his arm around her waist and lays his head on her bare shoulder. This could suggest that she feels wrong for shat she has done or the she doesn’t want him to leave her. The part where she puts HIS arm around HER waist gives the reader the impression that she is in control in the marriage and he no longer has any control over her, which is why she has soiled her gloves with another man. It suddenly clicks in her head that she worships him and that he could now do whatever he wants to her and she would let him because she feels so guilty. He ties her hair around her neck three times and starts to strangle her. In his mind she is not putting up a fight, we know this because he says: “No pain felt she; I am quite sure she felt no pain.” He then proceeds to open her eyelids, like she is still alive, and rest HER head on HIS shoulder, he now has the power in the marriage, though mainly because she is dead. He then proceeds to sit there like that for the entire night. Browning finishes the poem with: “And all night long we have not stirred, and yet God has not said a

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