A Comparison Of John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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“Hopes and dreams help people to survive even if they never become real” – “Of mice and men” In the novel “Of mice and men”, there are many examples where characters have dreams but reality is different. George and Lennie, dream about getting their own farm, but this dream is different for everyone, George dreams about farm without a boss as well as he dreams about place where they can do everything they want, to live there without any restrictions. “An’ it’d be our own, an’ nobody could can us. If we don’t like a guy we can say ‘Get the hell out’, and by God he’s got to do it An’ if a friend’ come along, why we’d have an extra bunk, an’ we’d say, ‘Why don’t you spen’ the night?’ an’ by God he would.”. This quotation shows that he tries…show more content…
“ You gotta husban’. You got no call foolin’ aroun’ with other guys, causin’ trouble.“ Unsatisfied by her husband, she constantly lurks around the barn trying to engage the workers in conversation. She has also another dream. she wanted to be an actress, she craved fame and believes she could still be famous. "I coulda made somethin' of myself. Maybe I will yet." This shows the importance of her dream, it gives her something to look forward to, a better life than her present…show more content…
"I don't like Curley. He ain't a nice fella." She tells Lennie of the high life she could be living. "could been in the movies, an' had nice clothes. An' I coulda sat in them big hotels, an' had pitchers took of me." This detail shows exactly what Curley's wife wants, as well as showing what she has not got, she is the only female on the ranch and is married to a man who sees her as sexual object "he wears a glove fulla vaseline," and she is treated like a girl, "maybe you just better go along an' roll your hoop". She also has no friends like when she says- "I get lonely" and no one to talk to. Curley’s wife is downhearted by the dreams and hope’s she has I believe because she doesn’t look in the present she looks in the past of what she could have had so I don’t think hopes and dreams help

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