A Comparison Between ‘’Sonnenallee’’ and ‘’Goodbye Lenin’’. the Influence and Importance of the Ddr Essay

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A comparison between ‘’Sonnenallee’’ and ‘’Goodbye Lenin’’. The influence and importance of the DDR. Contents Introduction: • Two films based in the DDR • What I want to talk about Small History of DDR • What type of a state was it • How was it run • Dates from start to end • Culture Summary of the two films • Sonnenallee • Goodbye Lenin The importance of the DDR on the lives of those who lived there and how it can be seen in the film. Introduction: During the Summer Semester for German Film class, the group has viewed together the film ,,Sonnenallee’’. It is a film based in the DDR. Another film based in the DDR and which I consider note worthy is ,,Goodbye Lenin’’. Both of these films show what life was like in the former DDR. I would like to use these films to talk about the importance and effect that the DDR had on those who lived in the old Republic. I will begin with a short history of the DDR and some clarifications. I will then talk about the two films, there plot, main characters and elements of the DDR that can be seen in both of them. I will then evaluate, from viewing these two films, just how important the DDR was for those who lived in it and how it has effected and still effects there lives today. History of the German Democratic Republic The German Democratic Republic, also known as the GDR or East Germany, existed from 1949 to 1990. The GDR was created after the Second World War, .after discussions were held about what to do about territory in Germany. After the Yalta and Potsdam conferences, the territories were recognised by all involved (Russia, France, Britain and America), with Russia occupying East Germany and East Berlin (France, Britain and America occupying West Berlin). About 15

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