A Comparison and Contrast Between Chinese Knight-Errant and Western Knights

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Course: Chinese Literature A Comparison and Contrast between Chinese Knight-errant and Western Knights Introduction This paper seeks to compare and contrast some of the aspects of the Chinese knight-errant and Western knights. Some of the elements to be considered are the underlying values as well as the basic tenets of the Chinese culture. There is no doubt that Chinese society has over time been viewed, and actually is, a rich way of life in terms of beliefs, practices, norms, attitudes, religion, art among others. From a literary perspective, there are many insights that are similar as well as different between the two societies. The essay begins by describing the Chinese knights-errant followed by a description of the Western knights then a comparison between the two. After a careful analysis, it is established that while the Western knights were conformists, Chinese knights-errant were not. Moreover, existence in the same time made it possible to register several similarities. Discussion There exist different views as to who knights-errant actually were. Moreover, the Chinese knights-errant are seen as having been those unemployed peasants, professional warriors, merchants, craftsmen among others who socially rose against the politically, economically and intellectually domineering ideologies (Liu 1). In China, knight-errantry did not exist until 403-221 B.C. The beginnings of knight-errantry can be attributed to various factors. Firstly, it is important to recall that during this time, Chinese society was undergoing a great deal of social unrest, political instability as well as intellectual proliferation. From the political front, the nominal vassals had become uncontrollable. The royal house could not call them to order. They were now referring to themselves as kings. From the social front, it was clear that aristocracy as a way or

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