A Class Divided Assignment

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Discrimination Written Assignment Discrimination is treatment or consideration of or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit. While watching a Class Divided I learned a lot. Jane Elliott divided her class by the color of their eyes, marked them with armbands and proceeded to treat one group as if it was better than the other. The superior students performed better than they ever had before, while the inferior students' performance dropped. The next day, the third graders traded ranks and their performance reversed in accordance to their group status. These third graders…show more content…
She really makes it seem real when saying that blue eyes are better than brown eyes. To see the look on kids faces it made me upset. She really played a role in making the kids feel like they were being discriminated against with the comments she made. When the roles are switched the changes are incredible. You see the blue eyes get upset and the brown eye kids gain confidence back. The brown eye kids turned the role around by calling the blue eye kids mean names. The children learned that calling each other names is not right. The children learn that derogatory names are not funny and it hurts when you here someone calling you a name that you don’t want to be called. The children learn also that no matter what teasing isn’t nice. When you tease someone you feel like your on top of the world but when it comes around and happens to you its not all fun and games. In this overall experience the children learned that no matter what color you are you shouldn’t be discriminated against. Everyone is equal to one another and that tormenting someone over the race or ethnicity is not right. You shouldn’t do something to someone else if you don’t want it to happen
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