A Class Divided Essay

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Ashley Pruitt Ms. Moermond English 103 3 July 2012 A Class Divided A Class divided is the classic documentary focused on a third-grade class and their teacher named Jane Elliott; she originally conducted an exercise called “blue eyes/brown eyes”, following the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968. My initial feelings towards the documentary and Jane Elliott was pure genius, she is a phenomenal woman that went above and beyond as a teacher. I also felt the director did not do enough interviews with the children and adult participants, the exercise should have shown consequences, or if overall improvement on their views of racism were changed. Although Jane Elliott engaged the historical role of racism, stereotyping, and prejudice in the United States during that time period with her third-graders, I feel in this day and age the exercise would have a negative response. In my opinion without the proper communication about an exercise focused primarily on discrimination and putting down one another the feelings of pain, resentment, and frustration towards the teacher for doing the exercise would result in the students going home to their parents angry. That would result in the parents in my opinion having a negative response and anger towards the teacher for conducting an exercise that should offer a parents permission first. What I find fascinating with the stereotyping and discrimination exercises is how easily it is for the participants to fall into their assigned roles. I would think the fact that an authority figure being there to assign roles and rules on the activity would
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