A Christmas Carol Essay

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The issue of want, ignorance and redemption within a Victoria society are highlighted in Charles Dickens’s “ A Christmas Carol”. Ebenezer Scrooge’s transformation from a tight fisted man to one of a tender nature is successful through the author’s use of four phantoms. Jacob Marley, the antagonist’s deceased business partner is the first of the spirits to haunt Scrooge. Marley warns Scrooge of the inevitable fate that awaits him. Shaken by the warning of Marley’s ghost, the Ghost of Christmas Past illustrates to Scrooge what his greed has cost him. Provided with such knowledge the lessen attempted by the Second ghoul becomes possible as the need for family interaction is demonstrated to Scrooge. Silently terrifying Scrooge as it reveals the ignorance portrayed in the 19th Century, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come evokes cold hearted man to beg for redemption. Hence, the bitter attitude of Scrooge is altered as a result of the input of all four phantoms. Jacob Marley instigates Scrooge’s transformation into a better man as he warns him of his miserable fate. Taking shape before the eyes of the antagonist with a ‘chain’ that he has “forged in life”, Marley cautions Scrooge of his selfish actions. Marley notifies Scrooge of three phantoms that are to haunt him. Dickens employs the use of a second apparition who serves to spark the miserly man’s memories reminding him of what It feel like to endure emotions. Disturbed by “a strange figure” Scrooge is escorted to his old childhood schoolhouse, in turn witnessing his ‘poor’ and ‘neglected’ younger self, such a vision makes Scrooge’s change evident as his lips being to tremble. Moreover, he witnesses his sister’s deep love towards him as she escorts him to have the “merriest time in the world”. Hence as a result the Ghost of Christmas Past instigates the lost sentiments of love and care that he has forgotten over the

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