A Christian Response to Ultural Diversity in the Workplace Essay

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Downing, Isaac SS410 – Cultural Diversity Week 8: Final Paper A Christian Response to Cultural Diversity in the Workplace Thinking about incidents in which cultural and social diversity plays a leading role in the outcome can be as simple as turning on the news. The modern age gives ample opportunities to see diversity at work, and the twenty-four hour news networks give a firsthand report of how the various cultural backgrounds collide with one another every day. Diversity and its effects are popular topics. In Ferguson, Missouri, police have come under fire for using excessive force and intimidation tactics with the residents of the town after an unarmed young man was killed during a confrontation with police that many believe was rooted in racial tensions. Even the outbreak of Ebola revealed a general sense of condescension that the developed world holds toward West Africa, especially as the American people realize that individuals from the poorer African nations have brought strains of the terrible virus to US shores. Despite these stories and many like them, most people would likely claim to be a proponent of diversity and inclusion. However, recent events like those above paint a realistic picture that there is still much ground to cover. There has been great strides made to reconcile many of these disparities since the civil rights movement, and countless pieces of legislation have followed, but this is still a nation divided and segregated; not just racially, but based upon all differences: generational, gender, religious and ethnic lines among countless others. Much of the society around us is far from practicing true diversity, because it takes more than regulatory changes and legislative action to transform a culture. In the introduction to the book The Diversity Code, author Michelle Johnson (a self-proclaimed “Diversity Diva,” or ‘expert’)

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