A Child Danced Out of the Mines

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A child danced out of the mines ‘Billy Elliot’ directed by Stephen Daldry is about a child called Billy, who is the son of a miner. Billy’s father, Jackie Elliot (Gary Lewis) refuses to believe that Billy loves ballet. Tony Elliot (Jamie Draven) follows his father’s opinion believing that Men do football, or boxing, or wrestling not friggin ballet. This family drama with its stunning cast, soundtrack, and memorable symbols, these reinforces the idea of following one’s dream no matter what obstacles. ‘Billy Elliot’ tells the story of a young 11 year old boy, born into a miner’s family during the 1984 British miner’s strike. This family has lost their caring mother, and loving wife. The family is going through financial hardship, of the strike. One day after boxing practice, Billy gave the keys to Mrs. Wilkinson (Julia Walters) suddenly becomes interested in ballet. This is a battle between a father, his son and many obstacles in front of this young boy. The stunning cast in ‘Billy Elliot’ are Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot), Jamie Draven, and Gary Lewis. Jamie Bell is the first time on the big screen, but he can show the audience the struggle of Billy (character), a single minded, stubborn boy who desires of ballet of the time of uncertainty in the miner’s strike. Gary Lewis has become a narrow minded father, like a volcano who stores his emotions until releases all at once, but has a wall around his soft heart. Jamie Bell turns into Tony, like his father, a male who builds a wall around his soft heart. For example Tony couldn’t accept Billy doing ballet, and nor does Jackie. In the kitchen scene where Mrs. Wilkinson confronts the family, Tony reacts negatively. But Billy says he don’t want a childhood, He want to a ballet dancer. In the Christmas scene Jackie doesn’t prepare to explode of lava, but Billy stood up and danced with all his might. This has cooled

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