A Child Called "It" Presentation

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Biography Seminar - Dave Pelzer INTRODUCTION: Imagine yourself in a family where your mother and father don’t get along, they constantly bicker and you are always stuck in the middle of their arguments. Your mother is becoming depressed and drinks all day, everyday. She is beginning to become aggressive and is taking all of her anger out on you and only you. You have two other brothers which are treated like royalty and there you are all alone with a cowardly father who refuses to stand up for you. At school you are tormented and bullied, not only physically but mentally as well. You are all alone with your thoughts trying to decide if your life is worth living. Unfortunately this was the life of Dave Pelzer, the author of his own autobiography “A Child Called ‘It’”. Fortunately Dave had the strength to stand up for his own life and push through the times of pure sorrow. Dave displayed faith, perseverance and determination to get through his situation of child abuse and shared his experience through great use of purpose, subject, conflict and form. Unfortunately not every child has such inspiration to live and ends their life prematurely. PURPOSE 1: This is the main reason why Dave has written his autobiography, to spread awareness. After going through an abusive experience first hand, Dave has great hopes for making the future a much better place for children. He shares his experience in great detail to open our eyes to what really goes on behind closed doors, in hopes that everyone will take a stand and put child abuse to an end before the statistics become extremely out of hand. Dave believes that if countries want to fix the problem they must first admit to having one, in turn the issue of child abuse will be exposed, only then could families receive the help greatly needed and many more children would be free. This is shown in the following quotes. “I

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