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A Cherry Orchard Minor Characters Essay

  • Submitted by: arnavmunjal
  • on April 1, 2012
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3. “In plays, no one arrives to or leaves from the stage without contributing in some way to the complexity of the play.”   Considering Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, compare the effects of some arrivals and departures from the stage.
In a play, there is a major role for every minor character. Minor characters can do lots of things for plays and stories they can reveal information, give us background, or set the mood. And they can also be integral to the plot and to our main character's development. While major characters lead the play, minor characters, the minor characters add the key elements to the play that would make the play having meaningful moments.
One good example can be of Madame Ranevsky's eighty seven year old manservant, Firs who is always talking about how things were in the past on the estate, when the estate was prosperous, and the master went to Paris by carriage, instead of by train; most importantly, he frequently talks about how life was before the serfs were freed. He, being a minor character also brings out and tells about the background and the history of the estate. Firs was born a serf on Madame Ranevsky's estate, and although the serfs have been freed, Firs had remained on the estate because he had no other opportunities. Although he and Lopakhin share the same background, Firs has not been able to adapt to the changing society as Lopakhin has. Firs is also a figure who represents time, and a character who symbolizes the old class system. He was the only surviving link to the estate's glorious past, and he also comes to symbolize that past, but at the end of the play, he is accidentally left behind and he presumably dies onstage. Even his death has contributed to the play abundantly marking the passing of the old class system, the passing of the aristocracy's reign on the cherry orchard. It also marked the passing of a phase in Russian history as well as the beginning of a new one. Firs being not such a major character also contributed...

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