A Character Analysis Of Elie Wiesel's Night

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Elie is the main character in the book Night. He is a young boy who survives the hardships of the Holocaust. Many people die in the Holocaust, but Elie manages to live and save his father as well. Psalm 41:1-3 describes how the Lord watches over Elie and takes care of him along his journey. Elie faces many dangers during the Holocaust and the Lord is watching him and guiding him along his way. Psalm 41: 1 says “the lord delivers him in times of trouble” (Psalm 41:1). This relates to Elie because he is in times of trouble all throughout the Holocaust. There is proof that the Lord delivers Elie because Elie has a heart for weak people, primarily his father, and the Lord delivers those who have regard for the weak. Elie does not care about his own life as much as he cares about his father’s life. The Bible also says “The Lord will protect…show more content…
The Bible says, “The Lord will…not surrender him to the desire of his foes” (Psalm 41:2). Elie is in the face of his foes, the SS, many times and God protects him every time he comes into contact with them. For example, Elie is interrogated and the SS asks Elie how old he is and he answers that he is eighteen, even though he is only fourteen. (29). The Lord blinds the guards so they do not see that Elie is only fourteen. This is important because the SS tries to get rid of the weak people and spare the strong, hard-working men. The Lord protects Elie again and helps Elie begin the long journey to surviving the Holocaust. The Bible also says “the Lord will sustain him on his sickbed” (Psalm 41:3). After Elie and the remaining Jews fight the SS Elie eats the food and gets food poisoning and becomes deathly ill. (109). The Lord watches over Elie and keeps him healthy enough to keep strong to the very end of the journey. The Lord has a plan for everyone and his plan for Elie is important enough to keep Elie

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