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A Chance To Live: Essay

  • Submitted by: DorkySmile29
  • on May 24, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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How would it feel if your parents didn’t give a chance of life? Abortions is on of   the most debated controversial issue today. Many argue that abortion is a type of murder, but there is others that think its okay to do it. It all depends on the situation the woman is in. Abortion rates are increasing for many couples aren’t ready for a child for the economy isn’t at its best right now.
Abortion is the “removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy”(dictionary.com). Abortions have been performed for thousands of years. Abortions were “legal in the U.S during the beginning of the constitution”(Tietzi).During the 1800s abortions were illegal for the fear of immigrants coming to the country well over populate the native people. It was really risky to perform an abortion for they didn’t have the advance technology we do today.
An other debate in the abortion issue is to decide if the fetus is a person or it just doesn’t have any saying in the situation. Shouldn’t every one be given a   chance to live. Does the pursuit of happiness only refer to a living citizen of the united states but the baby in the American citizen is caring a future citizen. In the U.S “personhood begins at birth (Willke 1) so the fetus isn’t a person. In other countries a child isn’t a person until a certain age.
Different races have different amount of abortions rates but it also ethnics have a contribution. “Between 666-829 of those babies are Hispanic, between 1,193-1,197 are white, and between 995-1,207 are black“(abort73.org) in the U.S alone. Almost half   of a million black babies are lost in abortion. In 2004 15 million blacks were aborted, which is an equivalence to 30% of the black population. The Hispanics are 12.5% of the U.S population, but they were accounted for 25% of abortions. White woman are 69% of the population and are responsible for 39%. Even though the white women have a high percentage on abortion they are not over their population....

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