A Celebration Of Living Essay

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A Celebration of Living Try to imagine living your life without purpose. Imagine never asking yourself why you are here or where you come from. In Bill Bryson’s “How You Became You”, a simple look at how we got here is unabashedly celebrated. It’s an evolutionary narrative that is told in a way that takes readers on a 3.8 billion year journey from the inception of life, springing from the ooze of a newly formed planet we call Earth, to life as we know it today. His story encourages readers to appreciate the incalculable odds that make it possible for us to be here today and read his story. On the surface, this writing seems to be speaking to people with little, or no formal education on the subject of evolution. A closer reading reveals the author may be addressing a much more learned reader, as well; one who understands the physics and mechanics behind the existence of life. He may be illustrating that life is to be appreciated for more than just its biology. His light-hearted tone seems purposefully crafted to draw in readers of various backgrounds. It also seems that Mr. Bryson has intentionally refrained from using any language that is based in Creationist beliefs. By letting readers know that life has been reproducing and evolving for “3.8 billion years, a period of time older than the Earth’s mountains and rivers. . .” (95) he makes it clear, without definitively saying so, that he subscribes to The Big Bang Theory. The Bible has been interpreted, through calculating the noted generations, to indicate that the Earth was created a mere 6,000 years ago. Although other writings have attempted to reconcile this chasm between evolutionist and creationist theories, Mr. Bryson makes no such attempt. He never even acknowledges Adam, Eve, or the God that purportedly created them. As readers move from sentence to sentence

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