A Case Study On African-American Female

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Name: Venkateshwarlu (venky) Yagatilee Case Study on Ashley Williams, 18 year old, female-African American at Allendale-Fairfax High School 1) Family Background:-Ashley has lived with her mother pretty much all of her life. Both parents are educated with college or graduate degrees. Her mother has earned a Master’s degree from USC Aiken and has been an elementary school teacher for the last thirty years. Her father has also earned a Bachelor’s degree and is an auto technician. Her grandfather and uncles are also educators. Ashley is the older child in her family and has a 10 year old brother. Ashley’s mother and father love her very much, are still together and support her in all of her endeavors. 2) Early School Experience:-In elementary school, Ashley was mainly a math oriented student. She loved reading and could write well, but she did not like answering written questions because they didn’t have definite answers. If a question asked why, she would tell her opinion and did not appreciate someone telling her that her opinion was wrong. When I asked her what attracted her to math, she told me that math has always got definite answers. She rarely got in trouble because she was always conscious of the feelings of the teachers. She used to ask many questions and did not follow the crowd. She often would rather hang around adults than children as adult conversation was much more stimulating than that of most children. She listened to more gospel and old school than contemporary music. When I asked her about her middle school life as student, she told me that Middle school was about the same. It took her a while to understand how her classmates used to think about being in the middle school. She was shocked by how much her classmates had changed in two months from elementary to middle. It seemed to me that she did not really understand her peers until

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