A Case Against Legalizing Marijuana

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Josh James English IV Margaret Gilmore april 4th, 2014 should marijuana become federally legalized? marijuana, as it currently stands, is a schedule 1 drug. This means the government believes it has “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse” and “Schedule I drugs are the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules with potentially severe psychological or physical dependence”(justice.gov). For this reason the federal government has made marijuana illegal in the united states,though some states, namely Washington and Colorado, have made it legal for recreational use through state law. To fight against the use of marijuana, along with other illegal drugs, the government started what they are calling the war…show more content…
Legalizing marijuana would lead to not having to spend money on all the people in prison cells because of marijuana use, getting profit from taxing it, and creating thousands of new jobs for Americans through dispensarys and marijuana accessory shops. Marijuana can make even more jobs for people along with decreasing the cost of many common goods through the use of hemp. hemp can be used to make things like textiles and paper, and paints, it can make clothing, insulation, and plastic, it can even make cosmetics,animal feed, and foodstuffs, along with many other useful applications(norml.org). Through all these useful benefits, if marijuana was legalized, I believe Americas economy would greatly…show more content…
Truthfully though the main reasons marijuana became illegal was due to false research and fraudulent research put in place because it threatened big business. As stated by the Washington Free Press “hemp is the number one biomass source on earth and could easily provide the US with all its oil and gas needs, thus ending America’s dependence on fossil fuels” if I were a big CEO in the oil business I sure wouldn’t want that type of competition. Also the fact that marijuana can create paper and is much more renewable than trees would put up a pretty hard competition in the paper industry(wafreepress.org) it only seem smart for businessmen in these and other markets to pick dirty schemes in order to remove marijuana from the market, rather than picking a clean fight that could of ultimately bankrupted

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