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a Canary For One Essay

  • Submitted by: bimat
  • on January 10, 2012
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"The last leaf" by O. Henry is shrouded in humanism among people. In your understanding and interpretation, analyse and clarify humanism revealed in the story.
Such a bustle and rough life has plunged us into its noria of earning money and scrambling for position and previleges, thus easily do we forget or even lose our love of humanity. Fortunately, somewhere in the corner of the small village Greenwich in the story "The last leaf " by O'Henry, human warmth of love is still illuminating silently. "The last leaf' is a beautiful song singing the praise of  love between working - class people, hence conveying a profound value of humanism. Humanism is expressed movingly in the friendship between Sue and Johnsy and Berhman's sacrifice for Johnsy's life. As we know, roughing it burdens on our shoulders with worries of seeing to food and clothing and forces us to think about our own sake first. Poverty leads people to their neglect to others. However, Sue did not leave Johnsy when she got pnemonia. Sue was always by Johnsy's side to keep an eye on her. Sue said to Johnsy :"I'd be here by you" and "Besides, I don't want you to keep looking at those silly ivy leaves.' Actually, in this story, the image of Sue appears vague but a wonderful warmth coming from her love for Johnsy embraced and cherished Johnsy's weak soul all the cold winter. In the harship, those poor people protected and helped one another without purposes, which is humanism kindled in this story of O'Henry. Also, humanism flared up brightly through Mr. Berhman's devotion of his life to Johnsy's. It was his love, a love of a father for a child, for Johnsy that he could create an art masterpiece beautiful than ever. To draw this wonderful painting, Mr. Berhman used not only a brush, a broom or a pallete but also material of love for a young girl who had no blood relationship with him. His love was imbued in the last leaf made it lifelike. And it was this leaf that...

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