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A Buffalo Soldier When I hear Buffalo Soldier, I use to think about the song that Bob Marley sung. I relay did not know to much about them in till I joined the army. When I was looking through the archives to get to the Sargent rank my First Sargent told me to find some thing that he or the Sargent Major did not know about and I found out a lot of things I did not know. I did not understand why did the Africans sell there neighbors and why did they put them through so much pain. Just for some money. I mean it was so crazy I was reading on a note and came across one that I can share to you “ I was sleeping in my house one day, relaxing from fishing and hunting. Then some one comes to our village, and I woke up to screams form my mom, telling them to “Get out of the village now”! I stumbled to the door and found a lot of men trying to take the children and young adults away with them. I started to fight to get to the children and they some how manage to knock me out. When I came to I was at another village and they were selling the children like fresh meet. Then they turned to me and said this one is a fighter ready for combat one man looked up at me and said I want that one to take to the new world.” Wow I thought to my self this guy has it in for him self he was fighting to help his tribe and got transfer in to a slave. After about 2 days I stumbled across the same hand writing. “While I was setting on a boat they kept on calling me slave. “Come over here slave!” “Do you know what that is?” he asked I shuck my head no he told me “This is the new world you like to fight you will fight for us.” I cant imagine what happened to this gentlemen but just by reading that I was shocked then after 2 months I was looking in another place and found some more of the writing “ I'm in this fox hole and scared out of my mind, my unit was ambushed and my owner was shot and killed

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