A Brilliance Fell Essay

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As Brilliance Fell In the poem, “As Brilliance Fell,” by W.S. Graham this is how I interpreted it, that no matter of your brilliance or smartness it all falls someway or somehow. In the line, “As brilliance fell I girded me with voice,” meaning as he, the speaker, brilliance, meaning his words, fall and it surrounds or binds him with voice, which is his conscious. “But always all words waste from inward out,” talks about all words rot like fruit from the inside out. “And I who was fastened to that furious choice,” as this speaks to me saying you have the choice to obtain knowledge. “Turned out to hear myself as a contrary shout,” concludes that, contrary shout, is just a wasted voice. No matter way you take life words waste a away and when it talks about the, 'alter' it is just merely meaning it shrinking and all this concludes it never last forever in time all words fade away just like mine and your voices. “As the night signed I made making my house,” describes that the night was a indication that the author made of an act of a person or thing of his own house. “A formal ruin lesser than that voice,” only describes that in an accordance of a wrecked or decayed is smaller than that voice of any other. “So clenched in prison in my mortal tree,” only speaks of saying that, 'clenched in prison' and 'mortal' or just solely based on options and that the tree is be represented by being trapped in reality of knowledge. “At the final night I perished into words,” is describing based on the pertaining to or coming to an end of its night and the he, the author, once again is destroyed through violence into the word aspects of it all. “And always all words ill-devise the tongue,” this sums up to be that all words are ill-devise, meaning planned, and in this case not planned. By the tongue which means, that they there is a do not think before speaking aspect in our

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