A Brief Summary Of Lori Halse Anderson's Chains

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The book Chains, by Lori Halse Anderson is about a young slave girl named Isabel. She and her sister were slaves of Miss. Merry Finch. Before she dies she said they would be free. But that’s not what happened. Master Lockton took her and her sister Ruth as slaves. She went from Rhode Island to New York. This book is about how Isabel survives in the middle of a war under the control of brutal owners. In the book Chains, by experience, Isabel goes through transformations, leading her from grieved, hopeless, and depressed, to hopeful and brave. When she moves from Rhode Island to New York, Isabel is nervous and confused. She thought she was going to be free. Instead she and her sister are forced into more slavery. Mr. Lockton, her master,…show more content…
Isabel becomes angry and again falls into a depression. This depression continues through this difficult time in her life. Isabel was serving tea at a meeting Mr. Lockton was having with Loyalists. He was discussing the murder of George Washington with other Loyalists. During the night, Isabel sneaks out and meets the man who told her she could have her freedom for information. This demonstrated her perseverance. ”That night I was a true spy, this was real.” The man broke his word and ends up giving her nothing. At the end of the novel Isabel finds out that Madam was lying to her as well. Her sister Ruth was in Charleston. She was never sold. Isabel ends up stealing a boat at night with the intention of rescuing her sister. This shows how she has transformed into a more confident and courageous person. Over the course of the book Isabel has become braver, due to her life experiences. She is so brave that she rescues a dying Curzon, and brings him along on the boat to rescue her sister. In the book Chains, Isabel goes through transformations, leading her from grieved and hopeless and depressed, to hopeful and brave. She went through many life changing experiences, and survived a war. Towards the beginning of the book she was scared and confused. At the end she became hopeful and brave. Isabel’s experiences and changes are evidence of this. These reasons demonstrate how Isabel changes
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