a Brief Approach To Marihuana Essay

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A brief approach to Cannabis History FAQ’s Myths and reality Timeline Bibliography Miguel Paulos Berges 3ºBL A bit of history Since cannabis is the only plant on the planet that is used both as s drug and a useful fiber its no surprising that it has been used for thousands of years. A Chinese treatise on pharmacology attributed to the Emperor Shen Nung and alleged to date from 2737 B.C. contains probably the earliest reference to cannabis and its potential as a medicine. Other early references to cannabis come from India in the Atharva Vedafrom the second millennium BC and from tablets from the Royal Library of Ashurbanipal, an Assyrian King, who live around 650 BC. The ancient Greeks used alcohol rather than cannabis as a recreational drug but they traded with cannabis eating and inhaling peoples. Herodotus described people living on islands who "meet together in companies" throw cannabis on a fire, then "sit around in a circle; and by inhaling the fruit that has been thrown on, they become intoxicated by the odour, just as the Greeks do by wine; and more fruit is thrown on, the more intoxicated they become, until they rise up and dance and betake themselves to singing." Other passages from Pliny, Marco Polo, Abu Mansur Muwaffaq and The Arabian Nights show that cannabis was cultivated both for its fibre and for its psychoactive properties throughout Asia and the Near East from the earliest known times. The date on which cannabis was introduced to Europe is unknown; but it must have been very early. An urn containing cannabis leaves and seeds, unearthed near Berlin, is believed to date from 500 BC Cloth made from hemp was common in central and southern Europe in the 13 century and remained popular with succeeding generations. Fine Italian
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