A Breif Overview of Amish Life

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What exactly would drive somebody or a group of people to go outside the norms of traditional society and refrain from the use of todays comforts and technologies? For the Amish people and culture that is just a norm or them and their lifestyle. How exactly did these people go about keeping this lifestyle when the rest of the world was in a race to become industrialized? Behind all of this stems a religion and a strong mean to keep their family and community together and faithful to the Amish traditions. What religion does this lifestyle stem off of and exactly how did it all get started? Being open minded and respectful to other religions and lifestyles is important , the only way to really respect someone's lifestyle is to understand where it came from, what it is about , how it works , and the struggles they have faced to keep it all together. Most will assume the Amish are a group of people who prefer to stay secluded from the rest of the masses of the world. This to an extent is true, but for much deeper and intriguing reasons. The Amish are direct descendent's of a religious division that came from the Swiss Anabaptists from 1693 to 1697(A. Hostetler 23) The Amish took their name from a leader named Jakob Ammann. There was an Anabaptist movement that happened due to the conformity to specific norms of practice and not about the fundamental Anabaptist beliefs. Anabaptist idea is that it rejects infant baptism and practices believer baptism also known as “re-baptizer”. During this period of time they went through a lot of turmoil , stress , and persecutions. Jakob Ammann was a former Swiss Mennonite leader and he believed that the Mennonites (being the peaceful Anabaptists) of the lower deemed countries and in parts of Germany. Ammann seeked to have harsher and much stricter punishments – including much more harsh forms of shunning and the like. It

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